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 About Us

Our Vision

Let the world know Malaysia better.

Our Mission

Consolidate anything and everything in Malaysia.

Our Value

Sharing of wisdom, open minded, Malaysia focus.

Our Positioning

Malaysiaí»s center of information.

Our Personality

Value centric, Receptive, Focused.

Our Personality

Value centric, Receptive, Focused.

Our Promise

Finding what you need always.

The Cari Story

í░CARIí▒ is a Malaysian word which means í░to findí▒ in English.

The development of www.cari.com.my, Malaysia's very first search engine, began June 6 1996. However, the seeds for greatness had already been planted a year prior in the mind of a Malaysian who graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1995.

He began his career in California the same year, and eventually realized that virtually no information about Malaysia existed on the Internet. The World Wide Web was in its infancy then, with Yahoo! being only a year old and Google still a twinkle in its creators' eyes.

Discontented with the status quo, this visionary believed that Malaysia deserved a search engine of its own. Therefore, he decided to create one just for the country. As a proud Malaysian, it was his dream to introduce his country to the world. Thanks to advances in technology, Malaysia could be presented on her own platform to a global audience, and on her own terms.

Working from a rented apartment in San Mateo, California, and using everything he learned as a Computer Science and Technology graduate, CARI's founder taught himself the common gateway interface programming language, or CGI. Drawing on all the spare time he had, he worked tirelessly day and night. His backbreaking diligence was duly rewarded when CARI was officially launched in September 1996.

This success gave Malaysia the distinction of being one of the first few countries in the world to have its own search engine. The Malaysia Book of Records officially validated this, with CARI going on official record as Malaysia's first Malay search engine.

CARI has kept growing since its inception, and has evolved a long way from being a simple search engine. Today, it is the largest community portal in Malaysia, welcoming more than 2 million unique visitors each month. With over 80 million page views per month, CARI continues to serve not only Malaysians, but also global community citizens who seek out information on Malaysia.

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