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How to do search on CARI

Type of searches you can do using CARI.

"Search for Malaysia web site"
A search that will return the URL, the Title/Company name, and the Description of the web site. If you know only one word about that site and you are sure it has the word some where either in the URL, Title/Company name or the Description, the search will return the link to that site. This kind of search will be the best if you are looking for a particular web site but you don't know the URL for that web site.

"List by Category" options:
If you select this option, it will return not only the web site that has the key words you are searching for, in additional, it will also return all other web sites that has the same category or services as the site you are looking for. This kind of search will be best if you are looking for a list of company that has the same services or products with the company you are looking for.

"Search for Malaysian" You can search for Malaysian base on the following information:

  • Person Name
  • Organization/Company of the person
  • College/High School
  • Past Residence
  • IRC/Net Hangouts
  • Hobbies
  • City
  • State
  • Country

Search Syntax

For Simple search

Enter one or more words separated by spaces. Enter a single word to find any search record that contains the exact whole word entered. For example, the search entry "transport" would find records containing the word "transport", but not "transportation".

To fin the records for both "transport" and "transportation", use an asterisk * for your entries. For example, "transport*" will find both ""transport", "transportation" and etc. Similarly, "*sport" would find "transport", but not "transportation". (Unless you enter "*sport*").

If you enter more than one word, CARI will find entries containing all of the words you entered. For example, "office supplies" will find entries containing both the word "office" AND the word "supplies", and they are not necessarily next to each other or in that order.

All searches are NOT case sensitive. Search for "Restaurants", "restaurants" or ReStauRants" are all the same, and will return the same results. Unless you select the "Case Sensitive" option.

Avoid using the search words like "Malaysia", "the", "http", "www", "com". Those words will return almost all records in CARI. You will not be able to find what you want.

For Advanced Searches

For advanced searches, you can use a boolean expression. To find record that contains either the first word, or the second word, or both, enter the word or between two search words (with a space between each word and the "or"). For example, "table or chair" would find records containing the word "table" or the word "chair", or both.

You can also use the word and for your search. It would return only the records that contained both the word "table" and the word "chair". This would be the same as a simple search for "table chair" because if there is no boolean expression between two words, the defaults is to assuming an and between each search word.

To find records which do not contain a particular word, place the word not before it. For example, "not Jaring" would find all the records which do not contain the word "Jaring". You can combine the "and", "or" and "not" commands, for example "chair and not wood" would find records containing the word chair but not the word wood.

For even more advanced use, use brackets to group the expression. For example, "chair and (wood or steel)" would find all records containing the word "chair" and either "wood" or "steel" (or both). If there are no brackets, the and command has higher precedence, so "chair and wood or steel" would find all records that contain "chair" and "wood", and also records containing "steel".

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