General Netiquettes
    1. Bear in mind that there are other users on the internet
Users should know that they are in fact interacting with other users within the online community and thus should act responsibly. Remarks that are not acceptable to be made in real life should also be not made online.
    2. Conduct in real life should be the same as conduct online
Users should behave responsibly like how it should be in real life. The standards of conduct online are similar to the standards of conduct in real life.
    3. Different boards have slightly different rules. Follow the rules as stated in the respective discussion boards.
There are many discussion boards on Cari and they have slightly different rules depending on the nature of the boards. It would be wise to have a look at the rules of a discussion board before you start to post entries. This would help you to know the standards of acceptable conduct on that specific board.
    4. Have respect for the time of other users
It is important that users respect the time of other users when posting queries on the discussion boards. Other users need time to answer your queries. You should try to find out the answers on your own before you post your queries on the discussion board. There might be also previously posted answers to your questions, you can thus easily get the answers by doing some searching.
    5. Give yourself a good impression online
The posts that you put on the forum reflect your personalities. Although you can hide your real identity from other internet users, you should bear in mind that the way you behave on the boards affects the impression of other users on you. You should refrain from using foul language or making provocative remarks. You should also make sure that your answers to queries are on founded basis.
    6. Share your knowledge
Other than providing responses to the queries by other users on the boards, it would also be very helpful if you can provide a general conclusion or summary of all the responses that you receive on the boards regarding your own queries.
    7. Engage in friendly and mature discussion
Users should argue in a friendly and calm manner and argue on the basis of proof.
    8. Respect the privacy of others
Please respect the privacy of others when you use emails and online chatting such as MSN, ICQ or QQ. You should not also disclose the true identity of anyone who uses nickname online without his or her consent. Their privacy ought to be respected. It is also irresponsible to distribute any content, password or emails belong to others on the internet without authorisation of the owner.
    9. Moderators should not abuse their power
Forum moderators are given more power than ordinary users and it is an obligation for moderators to use their given power wisely.
    10. Be kind
When you feel that a user has made mistakes such as in their use of language or behaving immaturely, please refrain from open criticism toward that user. It is better to send a private message (PM) or via email if you really wish to express your opinion.