Freedom of Speech and the Responsibility

Dear valued Cari Members,

The freedom of speech comes with responsibility and ought not to be abused. Every member is legally responsible for their own postings on the forums. The Management shall take no responsibility for any legal consequence that might result from any online misconduct by any member. Such misconduct includes postings that incite hatred, disharmony or contain pornography, defamatory remarks or foul or vulgar language, or any posting that is deemed to be inappropriate.

Cari forums operate on the instant posting system where members postings appear instantly. Therefore, members bear legal responsibility over their postings. Any private message (PM) that is sent by members in private through the service of Cari is also included. The Management bears no responsibility over the originality, perspective, reliability and accuracy of the members postings and private messages. If any posting or private messages by any member or any information about any member is demanded by the police or any law authority, The Management is obliged to and will provide such assistance to the authorities.

It is important that members assess the reliability of all the postings in these forums. Members should seek professional advice regarding issues that involve legal, medical, investment or any other matters of serious implications.

The Management reserves the right to remove or retain any posting or private message of members, or to prohibit any member from posting on the forums without prior notice when there is any breach of any of these rules and regulations.

The Management welcomes members to provide postings that are responsible and helpful to other users. The Management also welcomes complaint regarding inappropriate postings by any member.

Thank you.